Sunday, April 5, 2009

Cinema Saturday Creative Challenge #26 - My Fair Lady

This is my first attempt at a card for this week's challenge. I had it pictured in my mind but it didn't quite turn out the way I'd wanted....but I'm off for a stamping and card making day with Carolann and a few other friends tomorrow so I may add another one!!
I always love Audrey Hepburn in that lovely white dress. She displays such elegance and poise and I though it would be a good basis for a wedding card or something similar.
We had to emboss in some form this week and I ended up using a rub-on sentiment and lots of rhinestones...perhaps no traditional embossing but I felt the card needed to be simple and I was also reluctant to use the same wheel/stamp that Brooke had used in her gorgeous creation.
Anyway, fingers crossed that our creative vibes are working tomorrow and we may come up with some more cards!


  1. Very pretty card Ali!

    Love the name of your blog...I had a good giggle when I saw that ;-)


  2. This is really pretty, love that dress! Hope you had fun with your stamping buddies!

  3. very cool -- I went for the whole dress theme on my card too!

  4. Great work m'dear!! Loverly to see you playing challenges!!