Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Academy Awards night

This is my youngest son. He is rather pleased with himself or should I say with his new purchase...a hat! His school year level have just finished a unit of work on film making. Each group had to come up with an idea for a script, construct it, make props, design costumes and film and edit the video. After the holidays, we are all attending an 'Academy Awards' night to watch the finished products. The children (and adults) have to dress up for the red carpet arrivals and I believe awards are being presented on the night. They even had to write an acceptance speech as part of their homework! Anyway, I will no doubt post some photos of the night so keep your eye on this space!

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  1. Who is this dapper young man!!!??? LOL. He looks soooo grown up Ali - I can still remember the boys in prep!